How To Process

  1. Register/Subscribe and log in.
  2. Go to the Home page.
  3. Type or paste your set of input strings, that you want to learn the regexes for, into the text box provided.
  4. Click the button to calculate the cost of the learn event.
  5. Click the button to pay and generate the regexes. The calculated price will be subtracted from your subscription account.
  6. You will receive an email with the learned regexes, within an hour. Input strings near the top limits may take up to a few days. The email will be send to the email address you logged in with. Expect an email from "".
FREE Trial, for a limited time only: When you register, before you subscribe, you will be given 5 FREE machine learning events, worth $15.00 in total.

Here are two screenshots of actual email results received:

Screenshot 1: Simple example with 2 input strings and a choice of 2 learned regexes (1 Match and 1 Exact Match):

Coffee Tea email result
Screenshot 2: URL example with 13 input strings and a choice of 5 learned regexes (2 Matches and 3 Exact Matches):

URLs email result